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Welcome to Back to the Future Movie Props
Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Welcome to my collection of original movie props and memorabilia from the Back to the Future Trilogy staring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Tom Wilson. The highlights of the collection are a Mattel Hover Board (Hoverboard), Gray's Sports Almanac, Tales from Space comic book, You're Fired Fax, Save the Clock Tower Flyer, Griff's Bat and several Hill Valley Telegraph and USA Today newspapers. Each item is authentic, made for the production, unless otherwise noted.

Each prop is introduced with a synopsis from the movie of where and how the prop is used.  This is followed by a detailed description with close-up images of the actual prop.

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Comments from Tom Wilson Caught on Tape
Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson
I've had the pleasure of meeting Tom Wilson (Biff) at a few conventions in which BTTF.com participated as well as the Comedy and Magic club in Hermosa Beach and his art exhibit at Nicelodeon Studios.  He is a very energetic and funny guy and you never know what he is going to say.  At one show which featured a large prop exhibit, I ask Tom what he thought about seeing so many props from his movie.  Hear and see what he has to say about my prop collection by clicking the Read More button. . .

More Tom Wilson Videos
Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I don't know about you but Tom's songs are my favorite part of his shows. Here are a few videos he has posted to YouTube. These are sure to bring about a laugh or two!

I'll try to add new ones as he post them.