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Saturday, 27 January 2007

These flyers come in blue, white and yellow. They were used around the town in 1985. The blue version was most notably used by Marty and seen close-up after Jennifer writes her grandmother's phone number on the back. The white and yellow versions were used primarily in the background as set dressing.

Flyer CloseupThe attention to detail can be seen by looking closely at the picture of the court house. Since the flyer is from 1985, the court house contains all the damage received on the night of the "big storm" in 1955. Doc Brown nearly falls while connecting the cables to the lighting rod as part of the ledge he is standing on gives way. This is clearly visible in the close-up as well as the damage to the clock face from the lightning bolt.

Both a blue and white version of the flyers seen on-screen are shown below. The last blue flyer is an alternate version that did get used. Notice that the court house seems to be a different building entirely. All text is clearly readable which is not the case for most of these flyers seen on auction sites.

Blue Flyer

Alternate Version Blue Flyer

White Flyer

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