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Saturday, 27 January 2007

This is the prop that carries the main plot line of Part II. Marty's desire to get rich quick without regard for the consequences is prevented by Doc Brown. However, Biff has the same plan and he is successful in retrieving the discarded Almanac and stealing the Delorean to travel back to 1955 in order to give his younger self the Almanac and change the future of Hill Valley forever. Or at least until Marty and Doc can set things straight by returning back to 1955 themselves!

This is a complete and authentic Almanac. It contains many sports facts and statistics including the football scores that Biff reads while in the car listening to the game on the radio. It has a fold crease down the middle which may have come from use by Biff in 1955. He is seen folding the Almanac so that it would fit into his back pocket. There is some minor damage to the back cover which also indicates possible screen use.

I believe this item to be screen used and obtained in-directly from the property master. It has a crease down the middle which means it was probably used during the 1955 scenes.

Gray's Sports Almanac

Old Biff proves the value of this book to young Biff by predicting the outcome of UCLA over Washington. These scores among other sporting facts are detailed inside. The date of October 1st does not match the November 12th date that Marty and Doc returned to 1955. The score is correct for the actual game played on November 12th. However, some of the other scores are not. As can be seen in the screen shot above, the date of October 1st and some of the scores are either a misprint by the printers or later script revisions after the printing was complete. As the inside pages are only briefly seen on-screen, it was probably thought that no one would notice.

Almanac sports score

This Gray's Sports Almanac has been personally signed by actor Tom Wilson aka Biff.

Signed inside cover


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