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Saturday, 27 January 2007

In 2015, Marty recreates his 1955 skate board scene with a futuristic skate board called the Hoverboard. The Hoverboard (sometimes spelled Hover Board) is the most recognized prop in the Back to the Future Trilogy. It is used throughout both Part II and Part III. Marty's board is known as a Mattel Hoverboard due to the Mattel stickers and pink color. There were also four other styles of board used. Griff used a vicious rocket propelled Pit Bull while his cronies used boards named Rising Sun, No Tech and Question Mark. The names of each of these boards are also derived from their styling.

Rober Zemeckis was once reported as saying in an interview that the Hoverboards were real. He later clarified that he was joking (due to being asked the same question so many times). The truth is movie magic was used to create the flying scenes. The actors were rigged up with harnesses and swung from cranes to create the illusion of flying. The cables were later removed in post production. For more details on how the Hoverboards were made to fly, see The Secrets of the Back to the Future Trilogy.

Hoverboards (hover boards) come in two versions. Wooden boards were used in flying scenes and were screwed to the actors feet while they were suspended from cables. Foam boards were used in non-fly scenes. Originally, each board was hand-made with each decal applied individually. Due to the quantity of boards required to keep the production running, a more cost-effective method was employed. An actual size photograph of the top and bottom of a hand-made board was taken and produced in quantity. These were then glued to the top and bottom of the wood or foam boards. This allowed the boards to be produced quickly as required

This Mattel Hoverboard is the center piece of my collection. It is a wooden version with the photo paper detailing. The magnets on the bottom are made of a very thin plastic. There is a decal to represent the hole where the handle bars go. Some of the Mattel boards have an actual hole, some have decals while others do not have anything. These were probably used in scenes where they did not think it would be noticeable on-screen. This Hoverboard does not have a foot pad. On set, the pads were moved from board to board as needed. If you know were one can obtain an original foot pad let me know.

Hoverboard top

Hoverboard side

Hoverboard bottom

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