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Saturday, 27 January 2007

In the alternate 1985, Marty learns that his fatch, George McFly, has been killed.

In the ruins of Doc's workshop, Marty and Doc discover this newspaper while looking through archives Doc took from the library. It explains that he was actually murdered. Marty soon learns that it was at the hands of the now poerful Biff. This paper is dated March 16, 1973.

George Murdered

Doc sees this paper change from Emmett Brown Committed to Emmett Brown Commended.

Doc watches the paper change

This assures him that he and Marty have set history back on course in 1955 and erased the terrible alternate 1985. However, little does Doc know that he will soon be in his favorite time period. The wild wild west. This paper is dated May 23, 1983.

Doc Commended

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